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The weasel, a small mammal from the Mustelidae family, is also the smallest carnivorous mammal in Europe, with a size of about 20 cm for less than a hundred grams. The measurements of the weasel and the color of its coat vary greatly from one region to another. Usually, the weasel measures 17 to 27 centimeters, the male being larger than the female since it weighs about 65-90 grams, against 90-125 grams for the male. His long and slender body allows him to sneak into narrow holes . Its dress is brown on the back and white on the underparts. The weasel is particularly fond of grasslands, arable land and woodlands. It is often found in Eurasia (from the European Atlantic coast to the Himalayas), North Africa and North America. It has also been introduced in New Zealand. The life expectancy of the weasel is about 3 years.

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