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The striped skunk, the stinking beast and the Skunk, are all names for the same animal: the skunk. The skunk nearly has the size of a big cat, except that its body is expanding at the rear section. Its tail is long and fairly furnished. Its head, eyes and ears are small. It has sharp eyesight. A small white band separates his face in two. Another tape from the top of the head and is divided into two at the height of the shoulders to go on each side up to the rear of its body. The skunk moult twice a year: in spring and autumn. To avoid to being exposed to its stench (experience traumatic smell), and knowing that it may be the carrier of rabies, it is better to stay away. Otherwise you will need to rely on a cleaning, tomato juice, gasoline or diluted bleach to get rid of its stench and persistent odor.

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