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The panda is often classified in the bear category because of its resemblance to the bear, but it is actually akin to the raccoon. This animal lives in China and is protected because it is endangered. There is the big and little panda. Nevertheless, they both have the same lifestyle. One might think it has small eyes, this is due to the black fur that surrounds them and protects them from the reflection of the sun on the snow. It has good hearing, which is very important for it because it lives in bamboo forests darkness. The panda's teeth are the same as those of carnivores, however it is a vegetarian. Its legs are covered with dark hairs and very thick, to protect it from cold. It has the ability to grab objects with a sixth finger and long claws. Its tail is short and quite thick. It allows it to sit comfortably. For such a massive animal, it enjoys great flexibility. The life of the panda is about 25 years.

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