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The mouse is a rodent belonging to the rat family, but is much smaller than the rat. His coat is smooth and soft. The mouse has a long snout, has rather large ears and all little black eyes. Its tail has the same length as his body. A mouse can give birth to 100 pups in a year. It is dependent on the company of others and gets along well with the subjects of the same scope. It also happens that disagreements occur with a newcomer. Males will often fight to take power, and injuries from bites are not uncommon. The mouse still remains a helpless animal, always on the defensive and ready to flee. It lives mainly in strips, in warm or temperate regions, where it settles in all houses at Its convenience. It's active during night. The male and the female are called mice and the baby is a pup. The white mouse is often used as a caged domestic animal, such as hamsters and gerbils.

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