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It is true that Canada lynx looks like a fine domestic cat, although slightly larger, but it remains primarily a wild animal. Its summer coat is quite short and color rather brownish. During winter, the coat becomes thicker, allowing it to resist extreme cold. The long protective hairs which cover it gives him this famous grayish tone. A distinctive tip of black hairs fills the end of his ears, and his cheeks are crowned a goatee giving him a quite elegant look. With sharp fangs as well as retractile claws that are well sharpened, the lynx is a formidable predator. Its tail rather short ends by a piece of black hairs. Its legs wide enough and furry, including the plant covers of stiff hairs in winter, serves as snowshoes to easily move on snow. Its fingers can even widen to facilitate its movements on snow. The Canadian lynx arrives to collect without difficulties the smallest noises of its environment. Its famous vision is known to be extremely pierced, specially at night, where the expression "having a keen eye". By contrast, it can hardly count on its low sense of smell to locate its prey.

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