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The alliance between man and horse has lasted for many millennia. The horse is undoubtedly the animal that has the most marked the history and progress of humanity. He quickly becomes the main helper of man, whether for transportation, war or work. Their first meeting would date back to one million years ago or more, but this relationship remains that of the predator and the prey to the point of domestication. The relationship between horse and man is based on the use of the animal's muscular strength, serving human needs.

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The horse is an is an ungulate herbivore with a unique hoof, belonging to the species of the family of the equidae.

The first horse appeared on the earth about 50 million years ago, was the Eohippus and it measured about 40 cm.

The animal has evolved. in the last 45 to 55 million years from a small mammal with several fingers to become the big animal; with the unique hoof that we know today.

The only horse that survived to the end; the current era is the horse of Przewalski and many other domestic horses who have returned to the wild state.

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The horse was domestically controlled by Man, a long time ago. It's a valued companion of the youngers and olders. Some considered him to be the best friend of the man after the dog.

The horse is your biggest passion? Express your love for this mammal by printing these coloring pages online! Take your time to bring out the best colors of this faithful friend of men!

The horse is a smart and very strong animal, which is endowed with good spatial visualization skills. He is able to recognize the humans who are watching it. from the simple sound of a voice or the features of a face.

This animal was the preferred means of transportation, which was used to get off the road for lockers before the cars were invented. Even if its main functions are resident in sport and recreation, the horse is still a means of transportation for certain peoples in Asia.

This ingenious animal is also an artist, circus performer, show artist, and even a filmmaker for historical reenactments.

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Horses have crenes, hooves, or snouts. To design their color, we talk about the dress. There are many things to learn about horses. Print your best designs to color for free so that we can memorize the names of their body together in order to be able to design them and to know more about these animals.

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