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This is a farmyard bird raised on farms, the chicken is the female of the rooster. It is a very sociable animal, it lives well in groups but has a hierarchy. As all birds, the hen has wings, but it cannot fly high or far away. It is part of the Galliformes birds. In appearance, its plumage and its feathers are of different colors, according to the race to which it belongs. The eyes are placed on each side of the head, limiting its vision. On the head is a red skin named crest, which stands and falls according to its mood. The crest of the male is much larger than that of the hen, which allows to differentiate them quite easily. Its legs are covered with scales ending by long claws. It is used to scrape the soil in search of seeds which it is going to eat. Its feathers are a protection for its body, but the nesting, brooding, and the bad weather damages them. That is why once a year in autumn, the hen moults and new feathers emanate. It spends a lot of time to take care of itself cleaning and the smoothing of its feathers. sand bathing is one of the means which it does regularly. As it has no good means of defense, if there is a danger, it will make sounds and will make strident cries to warn the whole group. The hen that wants to hatch has a particular behavior, such as walking around with wings that hang on the ground. It emits a particular sound, remains in the hen house on its nest, and refuses to leave it. The life of a hen depends on its species and it lives a dozen years approximately.

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