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Gorillas are great apes species from the family of hominids. Males in particular can develop incredible and colossal physical strength. They are among the living beings closest to humans, after the bonobo and the chimpanzee, since gorilla DNA is 98% to 99% identical to that of humans. Gorillas live in groups, mainly in tropical or subtropical forests, where they feed on plants and sometimes on insects. Their presence covers a small percentage of Africa, they are species unfortunately endangered. However, they are found at different altitudes. The mountain gorilla lives mainly in the cloud forests of the Virunga Mountains, at an altitude ranging from 2200 to 4300 meters. The lowland gorillas livein dense forests and swamps of the plains. The coat depends on sex and age. The oldest males have a gray-silver fur developed on their back, hence the name "Silverbacks". The fur of mountain gorillas is rather long and silky.

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