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The giraffe is an ungulate,artiodactyl and ruminant mammal . Native to African savannahs, it is widespread from Chad to South Africa. After millions of years of evolution, the giraffe has acquired a unique and particular anatomy, with a particularly elongated neck that allows it to graze the treetops. It is the biggest animal in height, being able, thanks to the length of its neck, to reach up to 5.50 meters or even 5.80 meters for the big ones. Giraffes sleep less, less than 2 hours for 24 hours, and more readily during the day, as they can continue to monitor the horizon. In truth, they sleep standing, eyes wide open, for periods ranging from 1 to 30 minutes in a row. Its red-dominant coat is crosslinked or spotted with yellow. Its belly is white. Its tail, thin and long, ending with a brush of black hairs measuring from 70 cm to 100 cm. Contrary to popular belief, giraffes have vocal cords but they rarely emit sounds, relying more on vision than on hearing to communicate via example postures and movements of the neck and head . In the dark, giraffes use oral communication, they produce a thump, a kind of buzz around 92Hz, that is to say the limit of human perception. Nevertheless, it is possible to hear giraffes screaming under stress of a cry approaching the bellow of cattle. The giraffe is the only terrestrial mammal that does not yawn. Its life expectancy is around 26 years (over 36 years in captivity).

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