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There are two major species of ferrets: The albino ferrets, having a total lack of pigmentation, and the wild ferret which it is pigmented. At the beginning of its domestication, the ferrets used for hunting were almost exclusively the albino ferrets in order to be easily identifiable, as well the old descriptions of the ferret do not often mention this variety. The wild ferret appeared later, in the 19th century. It was then described as a hybrid between a traditional albino ferrets and a wild ferrets. Now, and since the 1980s, the ferret has been consumers favorite , thanks to the different colors and possible markings obtained through mutation. This change is explained by the predominance of the ferret as a pet by report to its traditional use. This period has also seen the emergence of ferrets of angora type, with long hair. The ferret is an animal exclusively domestic who makes its needs in a litter and which can live in freedom in a house or a secured apartment . However, its Playful and curious character often requires its masters to place it in a ferrets park during their absences. The ferret responds to its name and sleeps a lot,making it a pet appreciated by people who are often absent during the day.

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