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The African elephant, which can easily reach a weight 7 tonnes, is currently the largest land animal on Earth. It remains however far behind the blue whale that can weigh not far from 200 tonnes and exceed 30 meters long. Elephants walk on the tip of their fingers. Their toes are inserted in the foot (they have between 2 and 5), and we can see only the nails. We can however note between three and five nail in function of the feet. The feet have a rounded shape, while the back feet have an oval shape. Their feet are composed of adipose tissue which act as shock absorbers. It is impossible for the elephant to jump, for reasons biomechanical. It always needs a foot on the ground. However it can run at a maximum speed of 20 km/h (record 24 km/h). Even though we employ the term running for an elephant, it is necessary to clarify that term is inappropriate. It would be more logical to say that it walks quickly. In effect, it does not change its pace (its mode of movement) when it accelerates. The color of the skin in an elephant is rather grayish, even if its apparent color is linked to the soil on which the animal evolves. It may also be due to the mud baths that it takes pleasure in doing when it feels heat. According to current knowledge, Elephants are along with humans, dolphins, ravens and certain species of great apes, one of the rare animal species to pass the Gallup mirror test: when we mark the front of an elephant a spot in a point that he cannot see directly and present a mirror, it passes its truck over the spot, thus demonstrating that it has recognized its image and therefore that it was aware of itself.

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