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The Dromedary, often known as the Arabian camel, is a domestic mammal species from the camelids, and the genus of Camelus. This is why, qualifying the camel as a dromedary is not incorrect but however quite imprecise. The animal commonly termed the camel possesses two bumps while the dromedary has only a single one . Its dimensions are of 220 cm to 250 cm in height for the most imposing. Its weight is between 400 and 1 100 kg depending on the type. This herbivore has a lifespan of approximately 25 years. There are two types of dromedaries: The first are the race dromedaries which only weigh 400 kg for females against 500 to 600 kg for adult males. In some countries, dromedary races take place. The dromedaries used for racing are very fast, they can run at 50 km/h in average and speed up to 70 km/h in at optimum peak. The second type of camel is the camel dromedary , which can go from 600 to 800 kg for females, and up to 1,100 kg for males.

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