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The domestic donkey is the most known among donkeys. It comes from the domestication of the African wild donkey, from which a wide variety of breeds could be selected. Donkeys are part of the equidae family. These terrestrial mammals are herbivorous and perissodactyl. They have ears that are much longer than those of other equines. Well irrigated and adapted to the desert, they allow efficient cooling of the body. Their tail looks like that of a cow. They have short hair except in its end which is covered with a tuft. In comparison with domestic horses, their eyes are more directed towards the front. Donkeys possess chestnuts that are almost non-existent, unlike horses. Their hooves are also quite particular. Smaller, more upright and harder than horses, they do not need to be shod, unless they are needed for work. Their hair is long, rough and has a wide variety of textures. Their mane is short, has an almost non-existent forelock, erect on the neck and rarely exceeds 12 cm. Their dress is usually gray except on some parts like the belly, muzzle and eye area, which are white. Domestic breeds can be predominantly black (like the Big Black Berry), brown (like the Poitou Donkey), or white (like the white donkey of Egypt). Gray races often have a crucial band on their backs, called St. Andrew's Cross. Wild species wear a gray to brown-sand or even red-brown dress in the wild kiang or donkey of Tibet. Their cry, which is called "braiment", is a kind of "Hi-Han" ; powerful and strident that is absolutely characteristic of them. Have fun coloring donkeys.

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