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Dinosaurs dominated the world for millions of years, although these animals have disappeared from the surface of the Earth for millions of years, they continue to fascinate children of all ages.

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You can find carnivorous and herbivorous animals with two or four legs (dinosaur) to print for the kids who are the super fans!

Dinosaurs are animals that lived on the land during the Mesoamerican era, when man did not yet exist. About 230 Million years ago, the land was peopled with the so-called "Dinosaurs ". and later "Terrible lizards".

Dinosaurs were terrestrial reptiles whose feet were under their bodies, like mammals and present-day birds.

The three big periods in the dinosaurs era:

The trias: period between -230 and -208 million years marks the appearance of the first dinosaurs, in a dry, hot climate.

The Jurassic period: between -208 and -146 million years ago, during which time the largest dinosaurs and the first birds appeared; the veneration which was then very rich on the earth.

The Cretaceous period: between -146 and -65 million years, this phase is marked by the dinosaur fire extinguisher. This period has allowed the dinosaurs to diversify.

Have fun by discovering these drawings to print and to color. Hours of fun await you by coloring a coloring page for free of a dinosaur drawing !

Coloring dinosaur to print

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The dinosaurs are divided into two large groups: the saurischiens, which have a basin like crocodiles and Lezards , and ornithischiens: which have a basin close to that of birds. / p>

These animals are green-bred, with pulmonary respiration, with Variable temperature and with a body covered with scrubs composed of keratine.

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The dinosaurs have probably disappeared. because of the fall of a mineral in the Gulf of Mexico and thus marked the end of the period of cremation.

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Appeared after the end of the Carnian (about 230 million years ago), the dinosaurs disappear almost globally during the famous Cretaceous-Tertiary crisis of about 66 Million years. Only birds emerging from small, middle Jurassic dinosaurs were succesful in surviving this extinction. This will enable them to prosper and diversify considerably. With birds, dinosaurs form today one of the most flourishing groups of vertebrates, as well as the most taxonomically and morphologically diverse terpecies, their species being more numerous nowadays than those of mammals.