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Roe Deer is a European and / or Asian deer, of the ruminant subfamily, which lives in deciduous or mixed forests (both hardwood and coniferous). Small animal quite agile and very fast, the deer has a brownish dress and a rather gray face. It reaches in adulthood sizes varying according to individuals. It wears deciduous woods (which fall each year) and rather short ones. The deer is said to be anoure (without tail) and artiodactyl. It walks on an even number of carrying fingers. The Faun's coat is spotted for two months, the spots are aligned unlike those of the deer fawn. The deer undergoes moulting twice a year, in the spring (the fur turns bright red) and in autumn (the coat turns to gray-brown), with an earlier moult in young ones. In winter, some deer have the base of the neck adorned with one or two light spots, called napkin. The clear and erectile stain adorning their buttocks is called mirror or pink. It is pure white in winter and becomes yellowish in summer.

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