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Part of a species of the family of canids, we find the coyote in North America, but also in Central America and up to the north of South America. Coyotes in general live in packs, but they also have the habit of hunting alone. Their lifespan is ten to fourteen years (in wild state) and up to twenty years in captivity. The word coyote is of Nahuatl origin. The size of coyotes does not exceed 60 cm in height and their fur varies from gray to cinnamon color. Their ears and their snouts are long and sharp. Coyotes weigh between 9 and 23 kg. They run rapidly thanks to their slender body, muscular and very fine long legs. They can reach a speed of 60 km/h on a distance of approximately 300 meters. They are quicker than wolves but less tough. The color of their fur can vary from gray to cinnamon color, sometimes with a slight pink hue.

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