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The term beluga comes from the Russian word beloye, which means " white ". Beluga whales are also known as white whales, white dolphins and white porpoises. It is a white cetacean of the Arctic Ocean. It has one of the most sophisticated sonar of all cetaceans. This sonar is essential for it to orient itself and to find its way in the submerged ice channels, which form a real labyrinth. The beluga can reach 6 meters long. it is larger than the majority of dolphins. Adult males are usually 25% larger and heavier than females. They can measure 5.5 meters, and weigh up to 1.5 tons (exceptionally 2 tons). This cetacean has a dorsal ridge, resulting from the atrophy of the dorsal fin, and is entirely white, unlike young belugas that are brown, then gray. It has a short beak and a wide mouth. The Beluga live in average thirty years, but its maximum longevity is greater than 50 years. Belugas live in bands near shorelines and on high seas: in Arctic and subarctic polar seas. During summer they go in shallow, salty and relatively warm waters, or with sandy and / or muddy bottoms.

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