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These animals are found mainly in the northern part of the globe. Bears are omnivores, of the family of ursidae (they feed therefore of plants and meat). The color of their coat depends mainly on their species. The white bear, the brown bear and the Black Bear take their names by the color of their fur. Given their large and imposing size, they are quite opportunistic and will take food which requires the least effort. If there is a lot of fruit, they will simply eat and concentrate on those things that are more easy to obtain, than capture a prey alive. The largest bears is known under the name Kodiak, and the smallest is called coconut-tree bears. A vast majority of species will have a period of hibernation (sleep) with the exception of species: the Polar Bear, which is carnivorous. Bears are mostly solitary animals and spend their time trying to seek food in order to increase their fat mass in view of the hibernation period. They try to accumulate hundreds of kilos of fat in order to be able to spend the winter quietly. They will then be in lethargy from time to time.

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