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Bats are part of the family "mammalia", counting about a thousand species, one fifth of mammals, the largest after that rodents. These nocturnal and flying animals use echolocation to orient themselves in total darkness. Generally active at night, they can move in dark by emitting ultrasound which enables them to capture the reflection, echolocalising their prey and obstacles. Bats are the only mammals with active flight, to be distinguished from flying squirrels, phalangers or galleopithecus. They move in the air thanks to a wing formed of a skin membrane between the body, the limbs and the fingers. The majority of species lands exceptionally on the ground and can move only awkwardly. For the rest of time, they hang on asperities with the claws of their toes. In popular culture, the image of the bat can be beneficial or evil, depending on the country. Because of their strange appearance as their nightlife and, as a result, the mystery surrounding their way of life, they are often victims of misconceptions that, unfortunately, have long been worthy of being persecuted by the man .

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