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Often called little wood man according to descriptions of Middle Ages, a baboon is one of the few primates to live an essentially terrestrial life. Like the first hominids, it managed to survive thanks to its social way of life. Baboons are very clever, they use their skillful hands to eat, as their thumb is opposable to other fingers, like that of the man. Baboons are large animals with a very long naked snout, similar to that of a dog. Some baboons have areas of bare skin such as on the face, chest or hind, where they exhibit their brightest colors: red, blue or purplish. Like many primates, baboons live in organized gangs. Baboons only feels safe inside this band, dominated by a few powerful males that defends it; they are also responsible for making peace during internal quarrels. They roam in arid savannahs and rocky places in Arabia, sub-Saharan Africa as well as in the high plains of West Africa. Have fun coloring baboons.

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