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The name alligator came from the Spanish word "El Lagarto" which means "the lizard". The spanish soldiers named this reptile like this when they saw it for the first time. The term Lagarto would then have been deformed by the British settlers, to finally lead to its final and current term: alligator. Alligators and crocodiles are differentiated by a Snout broader than the latter. The two existing species also tend to be dark in color, sometimes almost black. But the color depends a lot on the water and the environment in which they evolve. Water rich in algae produces green alligators; Alligators from waters containing large amounts of tannic acid (from overhanging trees) are often darker (the Chinese alligator, on the other hand, has a fairly clear shade). The weight of an American alligator averages about 360 kg and its length can easily exceed 4 meters. The life expectancy of an alligator is 50 years or older. Specimens having 70 years old have also been observed! Have fun coloring the alligators!

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